I think I can find my way.

They'll take care of you.

When you wear camo shorts, what colour t-shirt goes with that?


I never talked to him again.


When teaching, men learn.

He likes attention.

Are you in on this?

His ID was fake.

I don't know how I know.

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I'll only be a minute.

He does well considering that he has no experience.

Doesn't matter.

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Is that what you did to them?

Close that door.

This is the most delicious pizza I've ever eaten.


I'll take a chance.


Marlena took out his notebook and wrote something in it.

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How could this happen to me?


None of us want to do that.

These books are worth reading at least once.

Go back to work.

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The elevator isn't working.


He wanted a bigger discount.

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Elias made good use of his time.


Rev. King's house was destroyed by a bomb. But still, the buses went on empty.


What's London really like?

I like to write here.

I have a surprise for you.


A lot of flowers have bloomed.

The dog is barking.

You'll be able to talk to Kerry after lunch.

I never drink alone.

I'll be counting on you to bring a salad.


I can read and write English without any problems.

You have no sick days left.

I don't want Floyd to think he has to interpret for me.


As these days most parents indulge their children, many children don't know what good manners are.

Janet kicked his son out of the house.

The train departs here at 9:00 a.m.

Much can be learned by observing how a child interacts at play with other children.

I haven't seen you in years.

He had many good friends there.

I told them to wait in the car.

Mariko speaks English well.

Lying is not good behaviour.


"I'm bored!" "Then find something to do! I'm not here to entertain you."

Her mother died when she was a teenager.

Syd'll live.

I want you to tell me how to do this.

I should probably spend more time with Hazel.

I took to her.

Hold me close.

I can't do it right away.

Don't you recognize the symptoms?

The drink made Tuna sleepy.

Love is just a legend created somewhere.


Dan stood trial for the first degree murder of Linda Smith.

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You don't give up, do you?

This is free.

King, I want you to do something for me.


I told him the truth.

His ambition is to be first.

I like swimming very much.

The girl greeted me with a smile.

His backache left him lurching along with leaden legs.


Sometimes he has difficulties with being articulate about his views.

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Who did you hang out with last weekend?


Did the accommodations meet with your approval?

Can you express yourself in English?

Have you returned?

He always keeps his promises.

We would like to give a welcome party for the new members when it's convenient for them.

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We hit the jackpot.


Hey, Mimi! How's it going?

In the United States, a tablespoon is equivalent to three teaspoons.

I won't waste my time.

What will we do about getting tables, chairs and such?

Jessie does not speak of these things openly.

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Julius wants Scott to stay away from John.


Bryce is quite good at chess.


The sun shines brighter after the storm.

Now I delete you.

They agreed on cease-fire terms.

Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.

I don't see what you're so concerned about.

Do you understand what I am saying to you?

Jock works for an insurance company.

If this is the way you were told, it is probably correct.

Let's get something to eat.


I didn't tell him you were coming.

It's noisy next door.

He finally committed suicide by falling on his own sword.

I can't do this all by myself.

I will help you if possible.


Long time no see.

I intend to make France my new home.

How long have you been in this country?

You stay here with Tim.

Don't say something you'll regret later.

Sanjib invested all his money in the company that Jos and her father managed.

Jarmo has been asking stupid questions all morning.

I'll wait for you in here.

This is the last time I'll address Marika in French.

Blayne sneaked up behind the guard and clobbered him with a monkey wrench.

Lies beget more lies.

If I were you, I'd ignore it.

Thuan is collecting things.

I know your roommate.

We're hoping to have it done by tomorrow.

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Marshall followed his parents down the street.


Srikanth just didn't want to tell Maurice. He didn't mind telling me.

You must do your homework at once.

Russell didn't have the courage to pull the trigger.

I have a pain in my shoulders.

With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now.


I didn't find anything suspicious in that.

I owe you one, Dwight.

He was not quick enough.

How could anyone think that?

Frances is revising for his exam of tomorrow.

He dealt me a blow in the face.

We've been ambushed.

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We were so young at that time.

Speaking of AKB, I went to their live performances twice before their debut.

I can do it myself.


I mistook you for your sister when I first saw you.

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They were going to shoot you.

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Gerard looks pretty sleepy.

You surprise me all the time!

We bought the newspaper.

Thinking negatively can become a habit.

And the tree was often alone.

Frederick is stunningly beautiful.

Kathy is going to be mad at Pierette when he finds out what she did.

If you have a problem with that, we should talk about it.

There is no telling what he is thinking.


I'm not like you.

The girl talked to her parents about her college life in Tokyo.

He keeps a cat.

Don't tease me.

I know how important he is to you.

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Warren doesn't have many photos of himself as a baby.

Kyung almost opened the wrong door.

Jerald has been in Boston since 2003.


I won't cut corners.

He was accused of being a spy.

Have you told her mother?

We're giving a dinner for him.

Danny was like a brother.

Are you too cold?

Everyone is welcome to come.


What do you like to do on Sundays?

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Can you translate it from Arabic to Spanish?


What do you think of school uniforms?


She was advised by him to give up smoking.